People first. No matter what you are doing, building, designing or creating. Always think of people first. How will the process and result affect the people around you? Are they going to profit from what you are doing?

Contribute and share. Mankind should be one large community, make sure to always give something back! Do not take anything for granted and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Don’t you dare refuse to help whenever someone asks for it!

Best or first. Get comfortable on the shoulders of giants and do not reinvent the wheel. So much has already been built, use what is out there and spend your time to be the best in your branch. If you can neither be the best nor the first, you can spend your time way better!

Time is valuable. Always remember your time is limited. Question what you are doing and think about what you could do instead. Is it worth the effort and time spent?

Automate all the things. Don’t waste your time writing static and outdated documentation for your setup. Profit from codification as much as you can to ensure an easy and predictable setup of your applications.

JFDI. Just F*cking Do It!