Sebastian Müller

AWS Serverless Hero, IT Consultant, and Software Enthusiast from Hamburg, Germany.

+49 15154649055 //

Go, TypeScript, GraphQL, AppSync, React, Node, PHP, SASS, Serverless, Amplify, FaaS, DynamoDB, SQL, CI/CD, TDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, Domain-Driven Design

I love building projects around motivated and engaged people while providing my team members with the environment they need to grow, to evolve, and to achieve the best possible results. Being a leader, my success is bound to the success of my team and all its members. I enjoy providing guidance and support in the process of planning and decision making as much as I enjoy being knee-deep in code. My internal set of values such as harmony and authenticity make me a perfect leader and team player.

As a dynamic and pragmatic problem solver, I always try to achieve the most efficient and organized means of performing a task. With applying a mix of realistic and visionary implementations for a long-term plan, I love to organize and schedule ideas and to create an environment to ensure the most efficient and productive pursuit of objectives for me and my teams.

Besides managing engineers and being hands-on whenever needed, I deeply care about design, accessibility, and information architecture. I love to spread ideas, to create open source projects, and to help people to get started with new technologies, tools, and to fulfill their ideas and dreams. I seek logical explanations for actions, events, and conclusions. Ordering, structuring, specifying, and applying logic to situations are one of my favorite things to do. With strong organizational and coordination skills, I am a great addition to every project, process, and team.

I built hard- and software prototypes, designed concepts, created storyboards and wireframes. Delivering project architectures from the whiteboard to production is what I enjoyed the most besides helping to introduce and maintain broadly used industry standards.

Kaizen, honest and open communication, and ongoing, regular, and informal feedback are essential core tools I believe in. No matter how good I already may be, I can always get better! A genuinely believe in the power of small improvements is a key step for achieving a larger goal; for individuals as well as for teams, departments, and even whole companies.

Certified Scrum Master
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