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Team Lead, Software Engineer, and Technology Enthusiast living and working in Hamburg, Germany. Daytime Engineering Team Lead at Jimdo and passionate about software, design, people, and vegan food.

Even after spending more than 17 years with writing software, I still enjoy most parts of developing, planning, and designing applications for the web and mobile devices. I am a sucker for reliable service architectures and a fellow serverless enthusiast. When I’m not spending my time with TypeScript or Go, I’m digging Vinyl records or building hardware projects like the 68Keys.io mechanical keyboard.

Currently, most projects on GitHub and posts on this site focus on GraphQL and FaaS approaches using the Go language. If you are looking for a neat solution to host a serverless API, check out the appsync-resolvers package for AWS AppSync. Older projects heavily rely on the serverless framework; you can find lots of plugins and example projects on GitHub as well. Serverless Analytics using Kinesis, an SQS worker pattern, and various plugins to manage and extend serverless’ basic features.

Before leading, managing, and forming teams as an Engineering Team Lead at Jimdo, I was delighted to work as a Senior Engineer for Elephant Seven in Hamburg, as Creative Technologist at the Intuity Media Lab in Hamburg and Stuttgart, and as Lead Engineer and Scrum Master for Roamsys in Trier, Germany.