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Team Lead and Software Engineer living and working in Hamburg, Germany. Daytime Engineering Team Lead at Jimdo and passionate about software, design, people, and vegan food.

After 17 years of creating websites, I still enjoy most parts of developing and designing applications for the web. You can find all public projects on GitHub, for example, Timesheet.js with more than six thousand Stargazers. The most interesting recent projects are hanu for writing Slack bots or the CLI Notes example project to manage text notes from the command line. Lately, I published a few plugins for serverless, you will find them on GitHub.

Before leading, managing, and mentoring engineers at Jimdo, I was delighted to work as a Senior Engineer for Elephant Seven in Hamburg, Creative Technologist at the Intuity Media Lab in Hamburg and Stuttgart, and Lead Engineer and Scrum Master for Roamsys in Trier, Germany.

My passion for sharing thoughts and spreading knowledge has been strengthened with building up MACNOTES back in 2006 until we sold the project some years later …