Custom wrapper for AWS Control Tower Account Factory

April 28th, 2021 229 Words

For managing a multi-account AWS environment, Control Tower is a great tool. But, using the Account Factory to create new AWS accounts is always annoying. With AWS Systems Manager Automations, you can build a custom interface to create AWS accounts.

With wrapping the existing APIs, you can even enforce custom patterns for the accounts you want to create. For complex structures of Organizational Units, you may create multiple automations and restrict access to the ssm:StartAutomationExecution action.

description: Create AWS Account in Control Tower
schemaVersion: "0.3"
    type: String

  - name: GetCurrentVersion
    action: "aws:executeAwsApi"
      Service: servicecatalog
      Api: DescribeProduct
      Name: AWS Control Tower Account Factory
      - Name: Version
        Selector: "$.ProvisioningArtifacts[0].Id"
        Type: String

  - name: ProvisionServiceCatalog
    action: "aws:executeAwsApi"
      Api: ProvisionProduct
      Service: servicecatalog
      ProductName: AWS Control Tower Account Factory
      ProvisionedProductName: project-{{Name}}
      ProvisioningArtifactId: "{{GetCurrentVersion.Version}}"
        - Key: ManagedOrganizationalUnit
          Value: "Project"
        - Key: AccountEmail
          Value: "root+project-{{Name}}"
        - Key: AccountName
          Value: "project-{{Name}}"
        - Key: SSOUserEmail
          Value: ""
        - Key: SSOUserFirstName
          Value: "AWS Control Tower"
        - Key: SSOUserLastName
          Value: "Admin"

Use the AWS CLI to create a new Document for AWS Systems Manager Automations.

$ > aws ssm create-document \
    --content file://document.yml \
    --name "create-project" \
    --document-type "Automation" \
    --document-format YAML

Execute the automation to create a new AWS account:

$ > aws ssm start-automation-execution \
    --document-name "create-project" \
    --parameters "Name=example"

This works fine with superwerker and with Control Tower in general.