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Serverless is not just a buzzword; it’s a state of mind. FaaS will rapidly change the way we develop, maintain and operate software applications. Most of the current engineering techniques and shared best practices will become obsolete in the future.

For the first time, it’s really about business logic, core domains, workflows, and events. IT is finally not about how to operate the shiniest infrastructure anymore. If you spend time with writing code for something that’s not part of your business, you are wasting time and money.

With serverless architectures, you only pay for what you use, not for what you hope might need somewhere in the future. You do not need to worry about traffic; if you pay more for your architecture, you have more users on your service. The only disaster is a success disaster. Having a large invoice for a serverless service means your service has a large audience.

It’s not simple to migrate existing applications to a serverless architecture. You will spend more time on getting used to the mindset, than with writing code for your serverless environment. However, less source code means less maintenance and operations. Both are not part of your business.

You want to focus on your business and core domain. Focus on what you can control, not on the things that only affect you. Optimize what matters and do not no run somebody’s core domain as a side project. If you do, you will fail and end up with problems or incidents in a field you are no expert in.

Together with my colleagues at superluminar, I offer workshops, training, and architecture reviews for all things serverless. Regardless if you want or need to prepare your application for the future, you should talk to the industry experts in running serverless applications on AWS.

Do not run into the same problems others already ran in. Do not waste time with solving problems somebody else already solved and design your next architecture for no maintenance or operational tasks.

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