Topic: project

  • Moved Website to Hugo

    November 29th, 2020 50 Words

    I managed to migrate all content from Gatsby to Hugo within the weekend. Old links redirect to the new structure and the bundled JavaScript and CSS assets are way smaller. For website analytics, I use Fathom (if you use this link for Fathom you save 10$ on your first bill).

  • 68% Mechanical Keyboard with

    January 27th, 2018 74 Words

    With the content on, you can build your own custom 68% Mechanical Keyboard! Sounds great, right? You will find all information about the needed Circuit Board, Aluminium Case, and modified TMK firmware on the project’s site.

  • Manage notes from the command line with CLI Notes

    November 21st, 2016 176 Words

    On the past few friday evenings I started to write a side-project to get going with server and client development using Go. The result is the CLI Notes project for managing text notes from the command line. All code for hosting the API server and building the needed client application is available at GitHub using the GPL license